M c mehta v union of india

Mc mehta vs union of india & ors [2006] insc 203 the significance and importance of the aravalli hills has been noticed in mc mehta v union of india & ors . Mc mehta v union of india air 1988 sc 1037 es venkataramiah, j – this is a public interest litigation the petitioner who is an active social worker has filed this petition inter alia for the issue of a writ/order/direction in the nature of mandamus to the respondents other than respondents 1 and 7. Mc mehta was the landmark case in torts and was cause to bring the principle of absolute liability rule the court gave this principle in his comment on this case. Mc mehta v union of india air 1987 sc 965 [xxix] rule of strict liability: a person who for his own purposes brings on his land and collects and keeps there anything likely to do mischief if it escapes must keep it at his peril and, if he fails to do so, is prima facie liable for the damage which is the natural consequence of its escape.

Mc mehta v union of india originated in the aftermath of oleum gas leak from shriram food and fertilisers ltd complex at delhi this gas leak occurred soon after the infamous bhopal gas leak and created a lot of panic in delhi one person died in the incident and few were hospitalized the case . Union of india & ors, ((1987) 4 scc 463), the court had held the city municipality, kanpur nagar mahapalika (mahapalika), responsible for water pollution the mahapalika had a statutory duty to protect the environment and maintain public cleanliness. By our judgment dated september 22, 1987 in mc mehta v union of india and ors we issued certain directions with regard to the industries in which the business of tanning.

The proceedings of that date have not been reported, but have been mentioned in mc mehta v union of india8 this court directed the environment pollution control authority (epca) to give a report with regard to the environment in the area, preferably after a personal visit. On may 18, 1995, justice rc lahoti (as the former chief justice of india, then was) in the case of anz grindlays bank v the commissioner, mcd and ors : 1995iiad(delhi)573 echoed similar words and referred to decision of this court, observing that the word 'environment' is of broad spectrum which brings within its ambit hygienic . 1 india mc mehta v union of india & others supreme court of india, 18 march 20041 bench: yk sabharwal & hk sema the main question to be examined in these matters is whether the mining activity in area up to 5. Mc mehta ( taj trapezium matter) v union of india citation:- (1997) 2 scc 353 introduction:- the taj mahal in agra is one of the most beautiful monuments on the earth. The petitioner, mc mehta, filed a writ petition in the supreme court to obtain an order for closure of the plant and its relocation to an area where it “would not be any real danger to the health and safety of the people”.

The petitioner filed a writ petition in the supreme court for the prevention of nuisance caused by the pollution of the river ganga by tanneries and soap factories on the banks of the river, at kanpur. Mc mehta v union of india air 1987 sc 1086 bhagwati, cj:— this writ petition under article 32 of the constitution has come before us on a reference made by a bench of three judges. Mc metha v union of india 1 this court on 20-3-1996 took notice of the news item under the caption “falling groundwater level threatens city,” appearing in the indian express of 18-3-1996.

M c mehta v union of india

Mc mehta v union of india air 1997 sc 734 kuldip singh, j – 4 the taj has been included in the list of 100 most endangered sites by the “wprld monuments fund” by stating as under: “the taj mahal – the taj is the “king emperor” amongst the world wonders. The petitioners sought a direction for closure of the various units of shriram foods & fertilizers industries on the ground that they were hazardous to the community. Mcmehta vs union of india and ors no 13029/1985 titled as ‘mc mehta v union of india’ the same is being monitored by a special monitoring committee .

M c mehta vs union of india, 1986 study labs loading unsubscribe from study labs kesvananda bharti v state of kerala explained by advocate sanyog vyas - duration: 12:56. Full text of the supreme court judgment:mc mehta vs union of india he drew our attention to a similar direction issued by this court in mc mehta v union of .

Mc mehta v union of india 1988 air 1115, 1988 scr (2) 530 mc mehta filed a writ in nature of mandamus as public interest litigation to. The effect of the decision in mc mehta v union of india 2004 12 scc 118 on the areas declared under sections 4 and 5 of the act, has to be noted 4 learned counsel . Mc mehta (taj trapezium matter) v union of india,(1997) 2 scc 353 (before the supreme court of india, writ petition (civil) no 13381 of 1984, decided on: 30121996). Clean environment mc mehta v union of india - shriram food and fertilizer industry, a subsidiary of delhi cloth mills limited, one of the landmark judgments.

m c mehta v union of india Environment management m c mehta vs union of india in early 1984, mc mehta, a public interest attorney, visited the taj mahal for the first time.
M c mehta v union of india
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